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Aoi Nishimori
Gender: Female
Show: L DK
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
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Actor: Ayame Gouriki

Aoi Nishimori (西森 葵Nishimori Aoi) is a ordinary high school girl and is Shusei's roommate.

Character History

Aoi Nishimori is an ordinary high school girl and her life was kind of going ok. Her parents moved away from the city because of their job and Aoi decided to live on her own. After that her life was going fine until she met the high school "prince" Shusei Kugayama. Aoi wasn't really pleased with Shusei because he turned down her best friend Moe Shibuya's confession. But not long after that Aoi realized her next door neighbor at her apartment was Shusei. Aoi is a capable cook but due to Shusei's presence, Aoi becomes careless and then the sprinklers come on. Until that's fixed, Shusei lives at Aoi's room.



Aoi Nishimori is portrayed by Ayame Gouriki.

Behind the Scenes

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