Clone Baby
Network TBS
Number of episodes: 11
First episode: 1st Clone
Original airing: October 8, 2010 - December 17, 2010
Opening: Better Than Love by HURTS
Genre: Sci-Fi

Clone Baby (クローンベイビー Kuron Beibi?) is a drama that deals with the subject of human cloning, and is set in a metaphorical game of "musical chairs," involving elements such as psychological warfare. [1]


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Cloned human beings, who have same DNA, compete with each other to get one chair. No matter how far they are away, the cloned persons can attract each other. If they meet, they try to kill each other. These clones with same the DNA are born to fight.



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Production Credits


  • The first series produced for TBS' 30-minute late night drama time slot Drama Friday Break.

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