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Face.01 Fifteens
, Episode
Air date January 10, 2005
Episode Guide
Face.02 Borderline

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Tsuyoshi wakes up amidst trash in the city of Shibuya with no recollection of the past, throwing up a note from Revu that says "escape Shibuya" (シブヤから出る?). After exploring the city, he finds Asagi on Bunkamu territory being chased by them while in search for Chiko, a member of her gang. He helps her fight them off, but is parted with violently. Hearing during the fight that he belongs to the Palhands, Tsuyoshi searches for his group. After finding them, he learns that he is the Palhands gofer named Shouta. He finds out that it is Palhands is the one keeping Chiko hostage. Soon after, they are confronted by Lovegen. During the ensuing battle, Tsuyoshi helps Chiko escape. Chiko feeds him, but then chases him for his blood. However, Piece marks her and kills her; Ema then appears, summons armor, and defeats Piece. She tells Tsuyoshi that his real name is not Shouta.


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