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After Ema and Piece's fight, Ryuugo passes Tsuyoshi off to Lovegen and leaves. Asagi takes him to Kengo's tattoo shop to have dinner and discuss the events that had just come to pass. There Asagi briefs Tsuyoshi on the three gangs' names, leaders, and territories. Asagi soon leaves for her part time job, forcing him to work off the bill for the meal. After staying the night, Tsuyoshi delivers Kengo's curry to Asagi, where she hears about her family. They decide to try to visit them, only to find out that they cannot leave Shibuya. Ryuugo plots getting rid of both Bunkamu and Lovegen by taking advantage of a fight he instigates between the two and keeping Piece at bay by making Ema his friend. Bunkamu takes on Asagi, but is interrupted when Piece appears, marking Asagi. However, Tsuyoshi confronts him, then recalling his true name, Tsuyoshi.


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