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This article is about a/an episode in Sh15uya.
Face.03 Runaway
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Face.02 Borderline
Face.04 Hunting

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Ema drives Piece away but still does not open up to Tsuyoshi despite her surprise at the recollection of his name. Tsuyoshi tries to get Asagi to run away with him from Shibuya, but she refuses as doing so violates the rules of Shibuya. Tsuyoshi tries to run away twice, both times failing. Ryuugo reveals his plans to reach the top of Shibuya to Tsuyoshi and then brings him to Ema. He then decides to bring Asagi along with him regardless of her opinions; however, when he finds her, they soon meet Piece again. Although Ema intervenes again, Tsuyoshi ends up taking Piece's sword in the stomach for Asagi.


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