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Face.04 Hunting
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Face.03 Runaway
Face.05 Death Trap

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Ema defeats Piece. Asagi brings Tsuyoshi back to Kengo's shop to eat Katsudon and heal. There Lovegen confronts their old leader whom they call a yojire, one who is marked by Piece but not dead, in search of Ema. Ryuugo meets with Asagi, striking a deal with her where if she lures Ema into a trap, then he will help her return to her group in spite of the stigma associated with being a yojire. Ema appears at Kengo's shop accepting a job to paint nails which turns out to be a trap by Bunkamu. Tsuyoshi goes to check on her when she does not return and aids her in her escape. Asagi helps them run away, but they find out she betrayed them, luring them to an abandoned parking lot where all three gangs appear to ambush the two as per the deal. They end up fleeing to the boundary of Shibuya where Asagi has a change of heart. Ema works up enough resolve to perform Merge allowing them to run away. Tsuyoshi and Asagi end up staying at Kengo's shop for the night. Ryuugo is seen to be talking with the man who is implied to be in charge of the eye blimp, asking whether it is the right time to be rid of Bunkamu.


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