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Face.05 Death Trap
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Face.04 Hunting
Face.06 Dive Out

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Through this episode, Piece asks various questions related to history. As two of Bunkamu's members are killed leaving only DJ, causing him to ask for help from Tsuyoshi and Asagi as they return from shopping. Ema arrives at Kengo's shop questioning Tsuyoshi's resolve who in turn question her on what she is hiding. DJ once again begs Tsuyoshi for Ema's help, but ends up asking Nami, Lovegen's new leader, for help. She feds him a some kind of drug, implied to say that she used to get rid of the rest of Bunkamu, causing him to feel light-headed and have a nosebleed. Tsuyoshi and Asagi try to stop her as she is about to send DJ falling off the building, but it is instead Piece who saves him by killing Nami, raising Tsuyoshi's opinions of him slightly. Ema appears and defeats Piece once again, suffering several serious injuries. She reveals that she continuously kills Piece for Tsuyoshi's sake.


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