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Face.07 Reset
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Face.06 Dive Out
Face.08 Dead End

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Ema is defeated and recovers at Kengo's place. Tsuyoshi spends the rest of the night and the most of the day afterwords trying to deal with Asagi's death. Kengo discusses with Ema about what happens to the 15 year olds that die; after a period, they return with their memories reset. Thanks to Ootomo, Tsuyoshi gathers his resolve by finding his identity as Tsuyoshi and rejecting his past as Shouta and Revu. DJ appears, announcing his transfer to Palhands, giving Tsuyoshi a cellphone from Ryuugo. Tsuyoshi goes to settle their relationship but is tricked into fighting with Piece. Tsuyoshi ends the fight by burning the lock-on mark given to him on the strap of the cellphone. He finds out that the new Asagi, now called Miu has now joined Palhands.


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