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Face.08 Dead End
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Face.09 Revu

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Ryuugo does not remember who Asagi is and calls his gang instead to beat up Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi spends much of the next looking for people who would know Asagi, only find that only he and Ema remember her. She even finds out that the old members of Bunkamu are in fact alive, now both named Shouta, but only he remembers who they are, whereas DJ believes that they are new. After hearing from Ema that this is how the world of Shibuya works, Tsuyoshi goes to Miu to once more confirm whether she has truly forgotten her identity as Asagi. When Tsuyoshi confirms that Miu does not remember, he begins to wonder who the real him is and compares his desires for Miu's old self to Ema's same sentiments. Ema finds out that Kengo is the one who is controlling the city from behind the scenes, though he denies it, saying instead he watches over the city. Kengo punishes Ema by marking her and sending two Pieces after her; she defeats one. She is about to be killed by the other, but Professor Ootomo saves her.


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