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This article is about a/an episode in Sh15uya.
Face.09 Revu
, Episode
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Face.08 Dead End
Face.10 Piecemaker

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Ema wakes up in Kengo's shop after the Professor Ootomo blows Piece away. Ootomo gives Tsuyoshi a video recording on a Revu's cellphone of his dying message to Ema. Tsuyoshi confronts Ema once more, but she rejects him. Depressed, Tsuyoshi walks through the city, is then confronted by DJ who, as suggested by Miu, decides to use him to become the boss of Palhands. Palhands appears and Ryuugo tells DJ to call for Ema using Tsuyoshi as a leverage. Tsuyoshi provokes Ryuugo into finally settling their score, which he wins. He then manages to convince Ema to accept him in reconciling his past and to try to escape Shibuya.


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