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Face.10 Piecemaker
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Face.09 Rave
Face.11 End of the World

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Kengo sends many, many Pieces after Tsuyoshi and Ema, but they defeat them all. Ema tells him of her past from the time she woke up in Shibuya, her sad memories of knowing people who were reseted, and thus her reasons for hating Piece. The next day, they try to find Ootomo in order to find out more. DJ, now the new boss of Palhands, confronts them, but Tsuyoshi words convince Ryuugo that something is wrong with the world. Although Ryuugo saves them, they are confronted by Kengo with at first one robot. Professor Ootomo gives Ema the power of a gun, which she uses to destroy the robot; however, Kengo brings out an army of Robots. They run, but Tsuyoshi ends up having to sacrifice himself in order to allow Ema to destroy them all. He wakes up in the real world classroom where he finds out that everyone is asleep and for what purpose everyone is sent to this virtual Shibuya. There Kengo, the teacher of the classroom tells him that he is seat number 21, Tsuyoshi Mamiya (マミヤツヨシ Mamiya Tsuyoshi?). As he wanders through the real-world academy, he finds a false nail of Ema's and a room marked Special Room (特別室 Tokubetsu Shitsu?) containing the real-world Ema. However, an academy official stop him from entering, then returns him to Shibuya, reseted. Just before this comes to pass, Tsuyoshi puts the nail in his mouth. He once again wakes up in the midst of rubbish, just as he was at the beginning of the series.


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