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Face.11 End of the World
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Face.10 Piecemaker
Face.12 Real

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Tsuyoshi returns to the real world, throwing up the nail, which causes him to recall all the events that passed since the beginning of the series. He finds that the world has been restored and that events that occurred at the beginning are happening all over again, except this time Ema is now the boss of Palhands, with no memory of him. However, she does cry at the sight of the moon, just before going out to fight with Lovegen. During the fight, Piece marks Ema, but she remembers all the events that happened before the restore, performing a Merge and defeating Piece. This causes everyone to revert to their real world appearances and remember their real names. Ema also destroys the eye blimp. Ema only remembers her past once she touches the nail polish segment that Tsuyoshi brought with him from the real world, her past as a very violent individual. Ootomo announces that the world is about to come to an end. The Shibuya clock on the building begans to count down.


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