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Face.12 Real
, Episode
Air date March 28, 2005
Episode Guide
Face.11 End of the World

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Everyone returns to Kengo's place for Katsudon in preparation to leave; however, Ema, remembering her past, has doubts about leaving. Tsuyoshi searches for her after she hides, but to no avail. As Tsuyoshi, Ryuugo, Asagi, DJ, and Kengo are about to leave, the chairman appears and transforms into Piece in order to stop them. Asagi directs Tsuyoshi to Ema, who he then tries to convince to come with him. Meanwhile, everyone else manages to defeat Piece and escape Shibuya. Tsuyoshi proceeds to the boundary; however, the chairman awakes from unconsciousness and fights him as Piece. Ema, however, appears, and together, the two beat Piece once and for all. She decides that she will indeed go with Tsuyoshi to the real world. However, Tsuyoshi finds out that she was in a vegetative state and thus could only live in Shibuya, the world created by Ootomo. Tsuyoshi decides to return to Shibuya in order to be with Ema.


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