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First Class-p1
First Class
Network Fuji TV
Number of episodes: 10
First episode: Oppressed woman ratings hell opening Cinderella sawajiri, except all Vanity Fair
Original airing: 19 April - 21 June 2014
Opening: Heroine by SOLIDEMO
Genre: Comedy

First Class (ファースト クラス First Class?) is a Japanese drama about a girl who dreams of working in the fashion industry.


Chinami works at a fabric shop, dreaming of one day working in the fashion industry. By accident, she lands a job at the editor's department for a fashion magazine... a glitter world that she has never seen before. Chinami believes her new job will open doors to new opportunities, but instead, she has entered into a world of daily catfights between the women working there. One where there is a clear distinction between those who have to work all sorts of odd jobs within the department, and those that have made it to the top, where they have the freedom to determine how the advertisements are placed in the magazine. From the super-bitchy chief editor, Osawa Rumi, to her peers Erena and Miina, and the permanent staff editor Kawashima Remie and the contract staff Kimura Shirayuki, it is a daily battle for Chinami to do her job efficiently.



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  1. Oppressed woman ratings hell opening Cinderella sawajiri, except all Vanity Fair
  2. Stolen sawajiri VS thief cat Vanity Fair proposal! That does it! Start fighting back
  3. Poison into sand traps! Kill... Sawajiri longer end? No big strikes?
  4. Tonight in demon voices burst voyeur aerial attack malignant woman strikes back madness of the Inferno came
  5. Hell's bottom Marsh battle celebrity VS lowest woman! Peel off the deadliest snake woman, Fang
  6. Mush the first chapter tonight shock moment! Love × friendship = hell!! I saw the snake woman!
  7. Your patience has been! In Chapter 2 the opening black sawajiri ban! Snake woman lust traps

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