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Hack 1
Death Note, Episode 01
Air date July 5, 2015
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Hack 2

Hack 1 is the pilot episode of the Death Note TV Drama. It introduces the main cast of the show as well as act as a loose adaptation of the first three chapters of the original manga.


Light Yagami is an ordinary college student living with his father Soichiro and little sister Sayu. Sometimes he goes to concerts given by Misa Amane and her idol group Ichigo Berry, but otherwise, he spends uneventful days traveling between school and his part-time job...until a black notebook falls from the sky and changes everything.[1]


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  • As it is the pilot, this is the longest episode in the series, clocking in at 71 minutes in length. All other episodes are 45 minutes long, making this a near double length episode.
  • The episodes of this series have no title, only referred to as a "Hack" or "Hacknumber" via the drama website.

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