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Korosensei Live
Gender: Male
Show: Assassination Classroom
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Actor: Jun Fukuyama
―Korosensei's signature laugh.[src]

Korosensei (殺せんせー Koro-sensē?) is the main character of the film adaptation of Assassination Classroom.

Character History

While not much to be known in the movie, but in the manga, he was hinted several times as a mutant human due to being an experimental subject.

He destroyed almost 70% of the moon, permanently making it appear in it's crescent shape. The lifeform announce to the world govenment that he would destroy Earth within one year and gave mankind a chance to assassinate him within a year. But at that period he desired to become the homeroom teacher of Class 3-E at Kugunigaoka High School. His bounty was placed in 10 Billion Yen on whoever successfully kills him.

During the class, he avoided multiple assassination attempts while teaching his students and helps them face their daily problems. He also received his nickname, "Korosensei" (a pun on "korosenai" (殺せない? unkillable) and "sensei" (先生? teacher)).

Powers and Abilities

Super Speed
Korosensei can run, fly and move at the speed of Mach 20, seemingly making him "unkillable".
Korosensei can levitate and fly in mid air. At the same time, he can leave contrails on the sky whenever he needed.
Indestructible Skin
Despite his gelatinous skin, Korosensei can survived himself from explosions, having no burned marks. Yet, he shed his skin once a month. However, his skin as well vulnerable to Anti-Korosensei materials, which is enough to harm him without endangering a normal human.
Planetary Destruction
Through unknown method, Korosensei can destroy a planet effortlessly. His ability to reshape moon in it's crescent shape is partial of his original power.
Pain Suppression
Despite being harmed by Anti Korosensei materials, he eventually show no sign of discomfort, yet still keeping his "smiling" appearance.
If he were to lost several body parts by his anti materials, at the very least he could regenerate quickly.


Korosensei's main weakness is the Anti Korosensei materials, which mass produced into daggers, bullets and etc. These materials would made his skin explodes upon direct contact but cannot harm a normal human anyway.



  • Korosensei is voiced by Jun Fukuyama, whom also voiced him in the ongoing anime adaptation while his appearance is made from CGI.

Differences with anime adaptation

  • In the movie adaptation, Korosensei opens his mouth a lot of times but in the anime, he rarely does this, only shown when he eats or blowing.

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