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Manami Okuda Movie
Manami Okuda
Gender: Female
Show: Assassination Classroom
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Actor: Jitsunori Uehara

Manami Okuda (奥田 愛美 Okuda Manami?) is a student from Class 3-E, as well as one of the characters of the movie adaptation of Assassination Classroom.

Character History

Note: Several contents below were taken from the manga. This article is hidden for now due the spoilers of the upcoming movie as well as the featured movie would reveal several scenes that greatly differed from the manga. Read at your own risk.

A shy student, Manami is an expert in chemistry. When Korosensei becomes her class' homeroom teacher and the world govenments had placed 10 Billion Yen as a bounty to the teacher, Manami and the other students tasked to kill their teacher in a year.

For once, she even tried to poison Korosensei but due to her naive and shy outlook, Manami delivered the poison and informs him of their intoxication, but begs him to drink them anyway. While her plan failed when the poison bring no harm to Korosensei, but he advice her to be frank in her appearance, for her to become a great assassin.



Differences from Manga/Anime

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