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Nagisa Shiota Movie
Nagisa Shiota
Gender: Male
Show: Assassination Classroom
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Actor: Ryosuke Yamada

Nagisa Shiota (潮田 渚 Shiota Nagisa?) is a student from Class 3-E, as well as one of the protagonist and characters of the movie adaptation of Assassination Classroom.

Character History

Note: Several contents below were taken from the manga. This article is hidden for now due the spoilers of the upcoming movie as well as the featured movie would reveal several scenes that greatly differed from the manga. Read at your own risk.

Before he was sent to Class 3-E, Nagisa originally an average student until his grades deteriorated and demoted to the said class. Due to this, him as well as his classmates are always being used as source of laughter by the whole Kugunigaoka School due to their class accommodation. Due to his size, he as well being bullied by his former classmates and other taller students.

This however changes by the arrival of Korosensei, his classmates' new teacher and target as the whole class being hired as assassins. Despite Korosensei being his target, but at certain times the monstrous teacher help Nagisa in his problems. Her assassination skills greatly increase over time.



Differences with Manga/Anime

  • This version of Nagisa didn't dye his hair light blue or designing it in twin tail hairstyle. Due to this, his appearance is less feminine than his original manga counterpart.


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