Otenki Oneesan
Network TV Asahi
Number of episodes: 9
First episode:
Original airing: April 12, 2013 - June 7, 2013
Opening: Hesomagari by Kanjani8
Genre: Mystery

Otenki Oneesan (お天気お姉さん Otenki Oneesan?) is a Japanese mystery drama which aired in 2013.


Abe Haruko is a genius meteorologist and presents the weather forecast for the TV morning show, 「MorningZ」. She is an anti-social, blunt person, thus earning her the nickname "The Low-Pressure Bomb". With her extensive knowledge about the weather, together with the easy-going detective, Aoki Gota and the Medical Examiner, Mikumo Sanpei, she takes up the challenge of solving crimes. by TV Asahi



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