Sailor Zombie
Network TV Tokyo
Number of episodes: 12
First episode: Transfer Student
Original airing: April 18, 2014 - ???
Genre: Horror

Sailor Zombie (セーラーゾンビ Sailor Zombie?) is a Japanese horror drama


Zombie vs High School Girls. Its been 2 months since zombies entered the world. In one girls high school, high school girls who survived the zombies live a surprisingly normal school life even in desperate situations. Even while being followed by a variety of accidents, Inui Maiko was greeted as a transfer student. She began and deepen friendships with Hyaku & Mutsumi, and gradually grew relationships with the other students. The story goes forward at a rapid deployment to the conclusion that no one expected.



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Additional Cast



  1. Transfer Student
  2. Consternation
  3. Motherhood
  4. Awakening to love
  5. Revive
  6. Condemnation
  7. Truth
  8. Last Farewell
  9. Recollection
  10. Ruthless

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