This article is about a/an episode in Sukeban Deka.
Saki Returns
Sukeban Deka, Episode 2
Air date April 18, 1985
Written by Noboru Sugimura
Directed by Taro Sakamoto
Episode Guide
A Mysterious New Student - Saki
Get the Bomber!

Saki Returns is the second episode of Sukeban Deka


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Plot Summary

Saki is sent to her old school, Takanoha Academy, where she was the ruling boss of the sukebans and expelled for her behavior. While the teachers and students cower in fear at the prospect of her return, the current Sukeban boss Miyako and the student counselor Numa show hostility towards her. Saki is reluctant to do her assignment but is reminded by her superiors that her mother is on Death Row and her actions could get her pardoned. While on assignment, Saki is framed for a string for bank robberies and arrested. Can the detective clear her name and find the real bank robber?


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