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This article is about a/an actress in Rich Man, Poor Woman.
Satomi Ishihara
Satomi Ishihara
Born: December 24, 1986
Born in: Tokyo, Japan
Agency: Horipro
Rich Man, Poor Woman

Satomi Ishihara (石原さとみ Ishihara Satomi?) is a Japanese actress.

TV Shows


  • Bakumatsu Kokosei (2014)
  • Monsterz (2014)
  • Sadako 3D 2 (2013) as Ayukawa Akane
  • Bungo Sasayakana Yokubo (2012)
  • Karasu no Oyayubi (2012)
  • Sadako 3D (2012) as Ayukawa Akane
  • Gekko no Kamen (2011)
  • Manzai Gang (2011)
  • The Incite Mill (2010)
  • Zatoichi the Last (2010)
  • Ningen Shikkaku / No Longer Human (2010)
  • Flying Rabbits (2008)
  • Houtai Club / Bandage Club (2007)
  • Year One in the North as Komatsubara Tae (2005)
  • Jam Films S - Suberi Dai (2005)
  • My Grandpa as Godai Tamako (2003)
  • Fune wo Furitara Kanojo no Shima (2003)
  • Ho-Gi-La-La (2001)


  • Pocky (2005)
  • Sega


  • 74th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Rich Man, Poor Woman
  • 16th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Jul-Sept 2012): Best Supporting Actress for Rich Man, Poor Woman
  • 8th Nikkan Sports Drama Award: Best Supporting Actress for Water Boys 2 (2004)
  • 41st Golden Arrow: Newcomer Prize for Teruteru Kazoku (2003)
  • 16th Nikkan Sports Movie Grand-Prix: Newcomer Prize for "My Grandpa" (2003)

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