This article is about a/an film in Toei Hero Next.
Toei Hero Next 4: We're a Bounty Hunter Team
A movie for Toei Hero Next
Release date May 10, 2014
Written by Yoshifumi Sakai
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
Order in Continuity
Toei Hero Next 3: Love Gear

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  • Ryo Ryusei as Tatsuya Akai
  • Syuusuke Saito as Ken Kuroda
  • Yamato Kinjo as Aoki Junzo
  • Akihisa Shiono as Midori Shintarou
  • Ayuri Konno as Kaori Sakurakawa
  • Atsushi Maruyama as Toshiro Kinbarra
  • Yumi Sugimoto as Riko Andou
  • Yuki Yamada as Wataru Dojima

Production Credits


  • This movie, despite not being a Sentai film, stars the cast of, and is set in the universe of, Zyuden Sentai KyoryugerIcon-crosswiki.

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