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Tsuki no Koibito
Network Fuji TV
Number of episodes: 8
First episode: I want you
Original airing: May 10, 2010 - July 5, 2010
Opening: LOVE RAIN ~ Koi no Ame ~ by Kubota Toshinobu
Genre: Romance

Tsuki no Koibito (月の恋人?) is a Japanese drama.


Rensuke Hazuki, the President of Regolith, is determined to increase his company's market share in the house furnishing business. His life takes a different turn when three women enter the picture.





  1. I want you
  2. The unthinkable kiss
  3. The proposal out of revenge
  4. That's how much I liked you...
  5. If only I could say, I like you
  6. Faraway
  7. A classmate reunion, just the two of us
  8. Farewell Hazuki Rensuke ~ Sending last message to three women


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