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Yuria Kizaki
Born: February 11, 1996
Born in: Aichi, Japan
Agency: Pythagoras
Great Teacher Onizuka
Yuria Kizaki
Yuria in one of her AKB48 uniforms.

Yuria Kizaki (木﨑ゆりあ Kizaki Yuria?) is a Japanese actress and singer. She is Co-Captain of AKB48's Team 4.

TV Shows


  • Future Ambition: Actress[1]
  • Favorite Food: Strawberry milk flavored sweets
  • Member of the unofficial SKE48 2D fan club.
  • Member of Drama Club
  • She was the first "student" of Mizuki Kuwabara and received special tutoring from her in dance.
  • Known to have been very close with her seniors Kanako Hiramatsu, Mizuki Kuwabara, Shiori Ogiso, and Kumi Yagami.
  • Played the character "Peace" in the drama "Majisuka Gakuen 3"
  • Known for her "baka" (idiot) character. She is not good at academics and has trouble reciting the 7 times table.
  • Her family name "Kizaki" is uses the kanji 﨑 instead of the usual 崎. Because of this, many fans and even magazine publishers have misspelled her name as "木崎".
    • Because the spelling "木﨑" is not recognized by computers, when she types she has to type the name "山﨑" (Yamazaki) and replace the "山" with a "木" to get her name.

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