This article is about a/an actor in Why Can't Seiya Toudoin (Age 16) Get a Girlfriend?.
Yutaka Kobayashi
Yutaka Kobayashi
Born: 19 March 1989
Born in: Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Role(s): Seiya Toudoin
Why Can't Seiya Toudoin (Age 16) Get a Girlfriend?

Yutaka Kobayashi (小林 豊 Kobayashi Yutaka?) is a Japanese actor who plays Kaito KumonIcon-crosswiki/Kamen Rider Baron and ShapurIcon-crosswiki in Kamen Rider GaimIcon-crosswiki.[1]

Since 2010, Kobayashi has been a member of the music group BOYS AND MEN.

After Kamen Rider Gaim, Kobayashi has played a policeman in Aichi Policemax and taken the title role in Why Can't Seiya Toudoin (Age 16) Get a Girlfriend?.

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